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To be ‘genki’ means to be happy, healthy, and in harmony with oneself on all levels. It suggests wellbeing is achieved by balancing physical, emotional and spiritual elements to create an integrated and tranquil Self, and as such is the perfect word to describe Be Genki – a pure and natural range of self-care products that help inspire holistic happiness.

“What was once an online shop purely for Be Genki is now a hand-picked collection of products that complement the Be Genki lifestyle. All brands within the Be Genki Shop are those that I believe to be the best you can use to help bring about a happy and healthy body, mind and soul, (and beautiful complexion) being made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients and materials. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.” x Sam Sargent, founder of Be Genki

Accredited by Choose Cruelty Free, Be Genki is verifiably animal-, environment-, everything-friendly. Be Genki is also a Safe Cosmetics “Champion”, which means we met ALL of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ compliance requirements. In other words, we’re making some of the safest products out there!

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