A healthy glowing complexion indicates a level of well-being, not just beauty.

The AEOS range brings us the opportunity to re-define and re-assess our approach to skincare through an innovative three phase system which amplifies and encapsulates the living energy of the natural ingredients it contains.
AEOS products contain natural, organic and biodynamic plant extracts, essences and essential oils, as well as spagyric* tinctures of crystal energies, and the waveforms of colour. This is unique in the history of skincare.
Through AEOS products we combine and include the alchemical techniques of the ancients, along with cutting edge skincare formulas, revolutionary for this time, for those of you who wish to nurture and care for yourself in a more meaningful way.

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Product range includes:
skin care – cleansers | exfoliants | mask | conditioner | hydrating mist | serum | moisturisers
nail care – crystal nail files | biodynamic nail and cuticle oil



This refers to the fact that the ingredients used in the products are ‘alive’. They have been sourced from a soil which has been nourished and activated for optimal performance. In addition, AEOS contains many effective ingredients that are known for their active properties, eg. plant extracts, essential oils, enzymes etc. We use the best possible raw materials to create products that offer the best potential for optimal results in the care and nourishment of your skin.


AURA-SOMA (manufacturer of AEOS) uses its unique energizing process to enhance each element contained within the AEOS products. This process offers additional support for our overall well-being. The primary intention within all the products is that they will only activate for the ‘greater good’ of the person using the products.


The source of the ingredients used in AEOS is of the utmost importance to us. At Shire Farm, our own biodynamic (Demeter certified) farm, we grow as much as we can to be used in our products, sourcing other ingredients from organic and biodynamic farms across the world. Plants grown using these methods have more vitality and a profoundly positive effect on the raw materials produced from them. Embracing this holistic approach from our farming, sourcing of materials, through to creating these skincare preparations, enhances our philosophy – look after the soil, feed the skin, nourish the soul.


The three phase AEOS system is a new concept in skincare. The products, as well as their usage, are unique. The inclusion of cutting edge spagyric tinctures of crystal energies together with the waveforms of colour, make this a range that actually offers more than just skincare, for those who wish to nurture and care for themselves in a more meaningful way.


* NOTE ON SPAGYRIC TINCTURES: UNIQUELY POTENT AND ENERGISING INGREDIENTS THAT ADD A SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO THE ACTIVE ENERGISED ORGANIC SKINCARE RANGE Spagyric tinctures are liquid gems and crystals prepared specifically for Aura-Soma Products Ltd, according to an ancient holistic alchemic process, which views body, soul and spirit as a balanced unity. Spagyric refers to the process of separation, purification and re-combining of materials – fundamental alchemical techniques used for the preparation of substances. By separation and parting of the original substance into its diverse components, the useful is first separated from the useless. Using a specific method of new composition, the pure and useful components are combined together again. The spagyric tincture manufactured in this manner contains the beneficial substances in refined form and is thus more therapeutically effective than the original substance.Spagyric tinctures are not effective because of their ingredients; rather, they are effective because of the metaphysical powers released by the manufacturing process. Spagyric is alchemy in practice and adheres to alchemical laws practiced by Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine. By bringing together the alchemical techniques of the ancients along with cutting edge skincare formulas, the AEOS products provide a medium through which these tinctures may have a direct effect on the human energy field. It is a truly unique approach to skincare and general well-being.
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